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Let us suppose, that you are on this page because you've already heard some positive feedback about James Morgan.

We plan to create a detailed page regarding our services for tutors, but for the moment let us list several advantages for you to work with us:

  • Usually, we pay more than average school
  • Usually, we pay more regularly than average school. Maximum period of payment at our agency is 1 month, but it's likely that you will be paid after each lesson
  • You don't have to work full-time with us - we provide clients for your free time. So you may work at school and at our agency as well
  • Our students commit for a long-term course, so it's easier for you to manage your time and cash
  • All our team-members speak english and love their work. So, we promise you will be happy to work with us.


Interested in details? Want to join our team? Please, write to Alina (a@jamesmorgan.ru)


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В каждом языке и в каждой культуре есть общепринятые правила ведения деловых переговоров и переписки, без знания которых человек значительно уменьшает свои шансы на успех. 

Как лучше учить английский?

Большинство из нас с вами учили английский язык. Возникает вопрос: почему же большинство из нас его не знает?

Подкасты на английском. Целый сайт!

Отличный сайт, где много подкастов на английском. http://www.eslpod.com